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Applied Health Policy Institute




The Applied Health Policy Institute serves as a bridge between academic scholarship on the one hand and policy-related activities as they are happening within real-world systems and political contexts. We translate public health expertise into policy and train public health students with skills they can use to engage in policy activities both during school and when they become professionals.

What We Do


Education Research Expertise Connection

Classes, internships, and continuing education

Research, publications, and resources examining public health policy at state, regional, and national levels

Policy and legal analysis to translate public health information and ideas into real policy change

Collaborative projects with external partners


Courses Offered


PHP 441/541 OR LAW 441/541 Medicaid: Policy & Politics
This course provides an overview of Medicaid, which is a federal-state partnership program that provides health insurance to low-income Americans. It was funded by Arizona Medicaid health plans and developed with the help of an expert advisory board. It covers topics such as history, law, differences between states, and financing and includes local and national guest speakers.


PHP 447/547 OR LAW 447/547 Case Studies in State Health Policy  
This course coincides with the Arizona Legislative Session each spring. Each student chooses a bill or issue area to follow at the Legislature, while class lectures, discussion, and exercises guide them through each aspect of our government and political system. The final project contributes to real-world legislative work for an organization of their choice.



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