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Public Health Practice (Phoenix)

Public Health Practice

Public Health Practice focuses on preparing students to develop the public health skills needed to work in a variety of governmental and non-governmental settings including the local, county and state departments of health, non-profit organizations, hospitals, and community health centers.

Graduate Programs

The MPH in Public Health Practice is an interdisciplinary College-wide program that is geared toward students who are able to enroll in courses that utilize a combination of on-line, video conference, and in person teaching modalities. Students learn to work effectively as part of multidisciplinary teams to develop, manage and evaluate public health programs designed to address health disparate populations.

Unique Strengths

Faculty in Public Health Practice have expertise in the following areas:

  • Program development, implementation, and evaluation
  • Finance, budgeting, and health economics
  • Clinical research, telemedicine, and epidemiology
  • Border/bi-national health, health disparities, and cultural competency
  • Community based participatory research and public administration

In addition, the College of Public Health offers a small, diverse student body with a corresponding low faculty to student ratio. These factors encourage an effective advising and mentoring environment. The College and the program reflect student and research diversity, resulting in a robust learning atmosphere.

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