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MEZCOPH Alumni Connect at Washington DC Gathering

Alumni, students, and supporters from the Washington DC area were pleased to catch up and connect with college leadership, faculty, and staff at a recent reception hosted by the college at the UArizona’s DC Center.

The college recently hosted a reception that brought together over two dozen of our alumni, students, faculty, staff, and community supporters in Washington, DC, for an evening of connection and camaraderie.

The Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health (MEZCOPH) event was held at the University of Arizona’s Washington, DC Center for Outreach & Collaboration. It provided an opportunity for attendees to share stories, connect with each other, and engage with college leadership and staff. College leadership and faculty were pleased to reunite with graduates who have gone on to work as professionals in federal agencies, national and state public health organizations, and other public health roles in the DC area.

Dean Iman Hakim warmly welcomed everyone and expressed her delight in reconnecting with many alumni and students. Amber Richmond MA ’18, Manager of Alumni & Student Strategic Initiatives, gave a presentation about the new alumni website during the event, and showcased the exciting engagement opportunities for alumni:

Alumni Council

This opportunity allows alumni to become leaders within the college by supporting strategic initiatives and making a lasting impact on students, programs, and the college community. The council will consist of 15 alumni from various regional locations, degrees, and industries. The deadline to apply for the alumni council is Friday, May 31.
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Hosting Events

Alumni can provide a valuable platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and fostering support for key strategic initiatives within the alumni community by hosting events. These events range from small-scale gatherings in homes or local restaurants, such as the "Lunch with 12 Wildcats," to larger-scale events like supporting the upcoming 25-year anniversary gala.
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Alumni Giving Circle

Alumni can boost the growth and development of the college community by supporting mentoring, special events, lectures, and other learning experiences that benefit alumni and students.
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We extend our gratitude to all our alumni, students, and friends who attended the reception and for their continued support for MEZCOPH We are thrilled to maintain these connections and look forward to future engagements. Thank you for being a part of this memorable event, and we eagerly anticipate our next visit.

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Assistant Dean for the Office of Student Affairs Lyn Durán, Jimmy Walker, current online MPH student Grace Atkinson, and Senior Associate Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs Dr. John Ehiri

Alumna of the Year, Mary Roary PhD ’08, Beatrice PhD, BS ’11, and Manager, Alumni & Student Strategic Initiatives, Amber Richmond

Daniel Ngoga MS, BS ’16 and Dean Iman Hakim

Jill Mahoney JD ’17, MPH ’17, Carlos Garrido PhD, MS, MPH ’21, and Alyssa Granillo, MPH ’21

Fabian Lucero, Esq. BS ’17, Dean Hakim, Esq. BS ’17, Mathew Coles MS.Ed, BA ’19, and Angela Wu MD ’20, MPH ’19, BSHS ’14

Noelle Miesfeld MPH ’13 and Dr. John Ehiri

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