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Undergraduate Certificate in Addiction and Substance Use

The Addiction and Substance Use certificate provides a comprehensive overview of licit and illicit substances, substance use patterns, risks of use, types of substance use treatment, and disparities in access to treatment. It follows a bio-psycho-social framework that emphasizes the intersection of environmental, social, psychological, biological, and pharmacological factors that contribute to substance use and substance use disorder.

The three required public health courses establish this conceptual foundation, and the elective courses allow students to explore the economic, social, and psychological implications. These include predictors of use as well as the prevention and treatment programs and policies. Delivered entirely online, participants can complete the certificate in one academic year.

Note: Students may apply 6 units toward a Bachelor of Science with a major in Public Health or a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Wellness and Health Promotion Practice.


Available via Main, Arizona Online, and International Direct campuses.

Pre-requisites to declare

For incoming students: must meet UArizona admission requirements.

For current students: no prerequisites.

Admissions Information

Certificate applicants must meet UA undergraduate admissions requirements.


Main campus: determined by your last name, same as COPH degree advising.

Arizona Online: all students: Abba Kris Maria Versace (

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A minimum of 12 units are required for the undergraduate certificate in Addiction and Substance Use.

  • Required Courses (9 units)
    • PHPM 225 – Introduction to Addiction and Substance Use (3)
    • HPS 306 – Drugs and Society (3)
    • PHPM 448 – Addiction and Substance Use Policy (3)
  • Electives (3 Units)
    • HPS 442 – Nicotine Dependence, Treatment and Coaching Intervention (3)
    • PHPM 310 – Health Care in the U.S. (3)
    • HPS 387 – Health Disparities & Minority Health (3)
    • EPID 309 – Introduction to Epidemiology (3)
    • HPS 350 – Principles of Health Education and Health Promotion (3)
    • HPS 404 – Fundamentals of Evaluation (3)

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