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Public Health Emergency and Epidemic Preparedness Undergraduate Certificate

Developed and implemented by public health experts with extensive applied experience in public health emergency and epidemic preparedness/response, the University of Arizona’s Undergraduate Certificate in Public Health Emergency and Epidemic Preparedness will provide participants with foundational knowledge and skills needed to support public health response to emergencies, epidemics, and pandemics. Participants in this 12-unit certificate program will gain an understanding of emergency management systems; they will be introduced to various forms of disasters and public health threats, as well as to essential public health response skills. Participants will be trained on how to use epidemiological tools to conduct a rapid assessment and public health investigation of emergencies/disease outbreaks. Individuals who successfully complete this certificate will also earn three FEMA certificates and a certificate in contact tracing. The FEMA certificates are open-source course modules that would be embedded into the certificate courses. The contact tracing certification is delivered through the MEZCOPH’s Western Region Public Health Training Center. Delivered fully online through Main Campus, Arizona Online, and Global Direct Online, this certificate program can be completed in one year.


Available via Main Campus, Arizona Online Campus, and Global Direct Online.

Global Direct Online students located outside of the US Apply Here

Pre-requisites to declare

For incoming students: must meet UArizona admission requirements, must have MATH 112 completed before enrollment in EPID 309.

For current students: completion fo MATH 112 required to declare.

Admissions Information

Open to degree-seeking and non-degree-seeking students from main, online, and global direct campuses.


Main campus: determined by your last name, same as COPH degree advising.

Arizona Online: all students: Abba Kris Maria Versace (

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Required Courses – 12 units:

  • Core Courses (9 units)
    • EHS 110 – Foundations of Disasters Management and Response *beginning Fall 2023
    • EHS 320 – Disasters Management and Response
    • EPID 309 – Introduction to Epidemiology 
      • MATH 112 or equivalent is a required prerequisite
  • Electives (3 Units)
    • EHS 100 – One Health in Action 
    • EHS 420 – Environmentally Acquired Illnesses
    • HPS 433 – Global Health 
    • EHS 439A – Outbreaks and Environmental Microbiology: Then to Now 
    • EHS 489 – Public Health Preparedness 
    • HPS 459 – Management of Public Health Emergencies
    • EPID 479 – Infections and Epidemics
    • EPID 411 – Health and Disease Across Time and World
    • EPID 497T – Case Investigations, Contact Tracing and Public Health Response 

*If you are not able to enroll yourself in any of the courses listed below, reach out to your Public Health advisor. 

**Not all courses are available in all campuses. Please reach out to your Academic Advisor to confirm course availabilty and/or check the schedule of classes.

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Relevant Advising Policies

Minimum GPA for required coursework: 2.0

Double-dipping: No more than 50% of the units of credit used to complete the certificate can also be used for a current degree requirement (i.e., major, minor, or General Education), second certificate, or previously awarded degree program.

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