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The public health internship is one of the most exciting components of the public health major! This is a chance for you to start narrowing down what you want to do when you graduate, gain experience and start networking.

There are two types of public health internships for credit:
1. CPH/HPS 493A - This is the 6 unit/250 contact hour required internship course.

2. CPH/HPS 493B - For upper division elective credit. This internship can be anywhere between 1-6 units.

Internship Orientation Session

Before students will gain access to the required documents to enroll in the internship (whether elective or required), they must watch an internship orientation video and complete the orientation information worksheet. The internship orientation video will be available on this website each semester for student to enroll in the upcoming semester. Students must watch the video and complete the worksheet the semester before their internship experience, regardless of if they have seen it/completed the worksheet before.

The 59 minute internship orientation video for the Summer and Fall 2017 internships can be found here. The accompanying worksheet can be found here.

SUMMER INTERNS PLEASE NOTE: Internships during the summer can only be completed between June 5 and August 4 (during summer 1 and summer 2; enrollment in internship credits during pre-session is not allowed).

Internship Eligibility

In order to be eligible to enroll in your required internship:
• You must have already applied and been accepted to the professional Public Health major
• You must have completed HPS/CPH 178, HPS/CPH 200, HPS/CPH 350
• To be eligible for the elective internships you must have HPS/CPH 178, HPS/CPH 200 and 6 other credits of your choice in Public Health completed.
• HPS/CPH 387 and ENGL 307/308 are encouraged before attempting the internship, as students have found these courses helpful, but they are not required.

Tips for Identifying an Internship

Students are responsible for finding and negotiating the specifics of their own internships. Students have found success in securing a public health internship by following the steps below.

  1. Viewing the internship orientation video the semester before you want to complete your internship. Complete the associated worksheet and submit to Stephanie Springer ( Upon watching this video and submitting the form, students will be added to the Internship D2L site, where they will have the opportunity to interact with students currently completing their internships, view examples of current internships being completed, and access the enrollment forms.
  2. Google health topics that interest you and your preferred location (for example, “Tucson” or “Oro Valley”). Select health topics that match your personal and career interests (for example, “HIV” or “occupational health”). Click on the search results to learn more about potentially relevant organizations.
  3. The organization’s website is very helpful to see if it matches your interest. It helps you learn more about the organization (mission, goals, programs or activities they do that you could potentially do as an intern).
  4. Contact the organization to connect with someone who could be your preceptor.
  5. Discuss with a possible preceptor about what type of internship experience you would like (health promotion, epidemiology research, addressing health disparities, etc.) and see if their organization can help provide that. If your initial discussion looks promising, follow the instructions of the preceptor about what they want you to do to get the internship set up.
  6. Work with the preceptor to fill out the required work plan paperwork.

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