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2022 Graduating Student Profiles: Simran Sahnan

Simran Sahnan -- Outstanding MPH Student Served in Many Roles and Aims to Improve Healthcare for All

Simran Sahnan, who graduates this spring with her MPH degree from the Zuckerman College of Public Health, served as an intern at Banner University Medical Center in Tucson, worked as a research technician at the UAHS Biorepository, and volunteered as a Graduate Ambassador for the college, all while earning her degree. Passionate about patient-centered care, Simran plans to improve health outcomes through a career in healthcare administration.

Simran Sahnan

MPH, Health Services Administration

A first-generation college student, Simran Sahnan will receive her Master’s in Public Health (MPH) degree with a concentration in Health Services Administration this Spring 2022. All the way through her MPH degree program, she served as an intern at Banner University Medical Center in Tucson, worked as a research technician at the UAHS Biorepository, and volunteered as a Graduate Ambassador for the college. She did it all with grace and enthusiasm. While earning her MPH, Simran worked closely with Amanda Sokan, PhD, MHA, LLB, Assistant Professor and Co-Program Director, Phoenix Programs, Division of Public Health Practice & Translational Research.

“Despite the rigors of COVID-19 during her educational journey, Simran stayed engaged and productive,“ says Dr. Sokan, “She juggled her many responsibilities with a strong work ethic, a keen sense of what is essential, and a joie de vivre that endeared her to everyone with whom she came into contact. Simran has been an accomplished student and will no doubt go on to be a consummate healthcare professional. She is truly exceptional.”

Simran received her Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences in Physiology from the University of Arizona in 2020 and is excited to be receiving her MPH this spring. She will begin an Administrative Fellowship at Healthcare Outcomes Performance Company in Summer 2022 following graduation and she’s excited to be a MEZCOPH alumna. 

For this profile, we asked Simran about what she has learned during her MPH education and what inspires her about public health.

Q: What are some of the key things you will take with you from your education at MEZCOPH? 

A: MEZCOPH has given me so many skills, experiences, and mentors that have shaped me to become a strong public health professional in the healthcare administration field. Each class I took gave me new tools to analyze public health issues from multiple lenses. From learning how to analyze data with biostatistics, to how to assess the financial stability of a healthcare system, to understanding the role of public health law, the diverse range of courses offered by MEZCOPH have prepared me to take on any public health challenge I encounter in the future.  

Q: What makes you passionate about public health? 

A: Public Health provides a unique range of skills and perspectives to analyze trends and create unique resolutions to improve health outcomes for communities. I am passionate about this because I believe in patient-centered care. If we want to achieve better care, we must identify all the factors that impact a patient’s health, including how different socio-economic factors play into health risk. Pursing an education and training in public health prepares me with the necessary tools and skills to analyze, identify, and customize solutions to improve health outcomes.  

Q: How do you want to make a difference in the world? 

A: I want to create a positive impact in the healthcare industry through my work as a healthcare administrator. Part of that goal is to increase access to quality healthcare across the United States. Often patients have to pay more to have access to better quality treatments and scans. Minorities have higher risk for poor health outcomes, and they are particularly vulnerable to facing these fees and medical debt. I hope to work alongside other health sciences professionals to address minority health outcomes and improve healthcare delivery across the country.

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