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Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Initiatives

Building on our strategic plan, the College of Public Health focuses on initiative areas that prepare for current and future public health challenges, and bring programs and resources to vulnerable or underserved communities.


Climate Change & Health

Climate change stands as the single biggest threat facing humanity. Droughts, floods, severe storms, and wildfires have already displaced millions of people, caused widespread food insecurity, and amplified the spread of disease. Public health provides the tools and expertise we need to lead the response to climate change displacement – to prepare, build resilience, and find solutions.

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Healthy Aging Initiative

As our population ages, we must find new ways to meet the needs of older adults and communities. Healthy aging stands as one the most significant public health challenges facing our nation today. Our education, research, and partnerships work to promote healthy aging so that older adults feel valued, happy, and healthy.

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Indigenous Health

In the Zuckerman College of Public Health, we are proud to work collaboratively with tribal communities across Arizona to deliver first-rate public health education, community-engaged research, and services. Together, we work to build health equity in all areas for native peoples.

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Nosotros Comprometidos a Su Salud

The Nosotros Comprometidos a Su Salud public health program (in English: Committed to Your Health), fosters community-engaged research collaborations, service, and education to advance health equity in Southern Arizona.

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One Health Initiative

The more we understand about human health, the more we see that it is deeply intertwined with the health of animals and the environment. This emerging field of research, called One Health, recognizes that the health of all living things is woven together as one.

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