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Kenneth Pelletier MD, Ph.D.

Kenneth  Pelletier MD, Ph.D.

Joint Faculty

Health Promotion Sciences Department

University of Arizona
Campus PO Box: 245153

Tucson, AZ 85724
(520) 626-6417


Kenneth R. Pelletier, PhD, MD, is a Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of Arizona, College of Medicine and in the Department of Family and Community Medicine.  He is also a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of California School of Medicine, San Francisco (UCSF).  Dr. Pelletier is also Chairman of the American Health Association and is a Vice President with Healthtrac Incorporated. Prior to these positions, Dr. Pelletier served as Clinical Professor of Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine; was Director of the Stanford Corporate Health Program (SCHP); and was Director of the NIH funded Complementary and Alternative Medicine Program at Stanford (CAMPS).  From 1974 until joining the Stanford University School of Medicine in 1990, Dr. Pelletier held a dual appointment as an Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Medicine and the Department of Psychiatry, University of California School of Medicine in San Francisco (UCSF). At the present time, Dr. Pelletier is a medical and business consultant to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the World Health Organization (WHO), the National Business Group on Health, the Federation of State Medical Boards, and major corporations including IBM, American Airlines, Medtronic, Disney, Merck, Ford, NASA, Microsoft ENCARTA, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, United Healthcare, the Pasteur Institute of Lille, France, the Alpha Group of Mexico, and the Singapore Ministry of Health. He also serves on the boards of the Healthtrac Foundation, United Behavioral Health, American Institute of Stress, International Spa Association (ISPA), American Journal of Health Promotion, and as a peer reviewer for the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine(JOEM), and Annals of Internal Medicine.

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