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2012-2013 Scholarship Recipients

Five students spoke at the Annual Scholarship Luncheon held at the historic Arizona Inn in Tucson on November 2, 2012. Listen to these amazing personal stories of triumph over hardship and how they developed a passion for public health.

Cherisse Holiday

Degree: MPH/Public Health Practice

Charisse grew up on the Navajo reservation in North Eastern Arizona. She plans to return home after graduation to assist her community with issues such as diabetes program management and development and obesity prevention and management.

Christina Ore de Boehm

Degree:DrPH/Public Health Policy and Management

Christina has worked for more than sixteen years with American Indian/Alaska Native tribes and tribal organizations on a range of public health projects. Her aspiration is to continue working in support of tribal self-determination, supporting both indigenous ways of knowing and practices and western evidence based public health.

Gabrielle Price

Degree: BS in Public Health

Gabrielle was diagnosed with periodontal disease last year and had to spend her savings on treatment. Her career goal is to become a community dietitian, helping members of the Black community and individuals with eating disorders improve their health.

Yoshira Ornelas

Degree: MS/Environmental Health Sciences

Yoshira is the first person in her family to attend college. She hopes to one day earn her PhD in environmental health and make an impact in her community by focusing on infectious diseases and exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Luis Valdez

Degree: MPH/Health Behavior and Health Promotion

Luis is a first-generation immigrant from Mexico and the first in his family to attend college. He intends to utilize his education to help promote health education in the Tucson community.


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