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Template for Internship Advertisements

Prospective Internship Sites and Preceptors for College of Public Health Students
Chris Tisch, Assistant Dean, Student and Alumni Affairs
Internship Advertisements

Thank you for your interest in serving as a site supervisor for a College of Public Health student. Please fill out this webform for advertising your internship project on the College’s website. By following this template and filling in the information requested in the italicized print, you will have the best chance of locating an appropriate intern for your project. Please refrain from using graphics in your advertisement because they will not translate into our webpage format and must be removed. Your agency’s internship project will be advertised to the appropriate students on the website as soon as it is received and reviewed. Should there be any questions about the project, I will contact you.

Thank you very much for your interest in and support of the students of the College of Public Health!

List the official name of the organization.
Do you want a Master of Public Health Program intern or an undergraduate Public Health Program intern? If your organization is willing to support both a graduate and undergraduate student in the same semester, please complete two separate templates listing the different Project Title, Descriptions, Student Characteristics and any other relevant information.
Give the project a descriptive title.
Describe the project fully. What is the scope of the desired/expected activities? Are there any specialized skills needed or necessary to do the job? List those involved (units, departments, etc). What are the expected outcomes?
What kind of student might be a good fit for this project?
Tell us about your organization. When was the organization established? How are you involved in the community? Do you serve primarily one group of people? How will this project affect your organization?
Where is the internship located?
What is the name and title of the person will provide supervision to/of the intern?
Is a stipend for the work or travel available? Could student be included in publications? Please outline that information.
How and to whom should potential interns apply? What supporting documents are required?

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