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Comprehensive College Climate Survey (CCCS) Report - Student/Classroom Forum

The Committee on Inclusion and Equity (CIE) will host a series of Forums to discuss the results of the Comprehensive College Climate Survey (CCCS) Report. Discussion in the Forums will be guided by outside facilitators and identify action-items aimed to promote greater inclusion and equity in the college. 

The third Forum will be held on February 18, 2022 for Students/Classroom Climate. The forum will be open to students, staff and faculty as all contribute to the climate.  We will then host a follow-up forum on March 18th for the full College to prioritize these action items.  

The CIE strongly encourages everyone in the college (Faculty, Students, Staff) to participate in the Forums. Please review the Climate Survey Report that is on the HUB and/or the key conclusions in the Powerpoint summary of the CCCS Report before the Forums! An Executive Summary of the Comprehensive College Climate Survey is also available on the HUB.

Please participate! If you have questions please email Estefania Villasenor, Administrative Assistant for the CIE,

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Friday, February 18, 2022 - 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm

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Online Event

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Estefania Villasenor

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