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CEP Classified Staff


Mona Arora

Research Specialist, Principal
(520) 626-0612

Rachelle Begay

Program Coordinator, Senior
David Bui

David Bui

Research Specialist, Sr.

Dominic Clichee, MPH

Program Coordinator, Senior

Dominic Clichee

Program Coordinator, Senior

Lisa Granados

Accountant, Senior
(520) 626-9851

Del Mariano

Research Technician

Ashton Norman

Program Coordinator
(520) 626-9240

Karen O’Shaughnessy

Administrative Associate
(520) 626-4912

Jonathan Sexton

Laboratory Manager
(520) 481-2671

Shawn Staack

Industrial Hygienist

Sharon Van Skiver

Executive Assistant
(520) 626-5823

The University of Arizona