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Health Promotion Sciences Faculty

Halimatou Alaofé, PhD, MSc

Halimatou Alaofè

Assistant Professor
(520) 626-5614
Richard Carmona, MD, MPH, FACS

Richard H. Carmona

Laureate Professor, Public Health, Health Promotion Sciences & Community, Environment and Policy (EHS)
(520) 749-9655 ext. 4889
Dr. Scott Carvajal

Scott Carvajal

Department Chair and Professor
(520) 626-9026
Christina Cutshaw, PhD

Christina Cutshaw

Assistant Professor of Practice, Director of Family and Child Health Program, and Director of MEZCOPH Online
(520) 626-7020
Burris “Duke” Duncan, MD

Burris “Duke” Duncan

Professor Emeritus, Public Health & Pediatrics
(520) 626-9353
John Ehiri, PhD, MPH, MSc

John Ehiri

Senior Associate Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs, and Professor
(520) 626-1355
David Garcia, PhD

David O. Garcia

Associate Professor, Public Health
(520) 626-4641
Lynn Gerald, PhD, MSPH

Lynn Gerald

Adjunct Professor
(520) 626-3243
Laura Gronewold, PhD

Laura Gronewold

Iman Hakim, MBBCh, PhD, MPH

Iman Hakim

Dean and Professor, Mel & Enid Zuckerman Endowed Chair of Public Health
(520) 626-7083
Patricia L. Haynes, PhD, CBSM, DBSM

Patricia Haynes

Associate Professor
(520) 626-1855
Maia Ingram, MPH

Maia Ingram

Co-Director, Arizona Prevention Research Center
(520) 626-2267
Mary Koss, PhD

Mary Koss

Regents' Professor
(520) 626-3998
Kimberly Lind

Kimberly Lind

Assistant Research Professor
Purnima Madhivanan, MBSS, MPH, Ph.D.

Purnima Madhivanan

Associate Professor
(520) 621-5730
Priscilla Magrath

Priscilla Magrath

Senior Lecturer
(520) 626-2850
David Marrero, PhD

David Marrero

Adjunct Professor, Office of the Senior Vice President for Health Sciences, HPS Joint Faculty
(520) 626-3281
Martha Monroy, MA

Martha Moore-Monroy

Senior Lecturer / Program Manager
(520) 626-8036
Velia Leybas Nuño, PhD, MSW

Velia Leybas Nuño

Interim Assistant Dean, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
(520) 626-3525
Sheila Parker, MS, MPH, DrPH

Sheila Parker

Lecturer Emerita, Public Health
(520) 626-3667
Douglas Taren, PhD

Douglas Taren

Professor Emeritus
(520) 626-8375
Cynthia Thomson, PhD, RD

Cynthia Thomson

Professor and Director, Zuckerman Family Center for Prevention and Health Promotion
(520) 940-1759

Gabriela Valdez

Director, Global Health Program, and Director, MEZCOPH Global Education
(520) 626-6530
Nicole Yuan, PhD, MPH

Nicole Yuan

Associate Professor & Program Director, Health Behavior and Health Promotion
(520) 626-7215

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