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Meet Our Students

Are you interested in learning more about graduate students at the UA Zuckerman College of Public Health? Read about some of our outstanding student Ambassadors below. Feel free to connect with an Ambassador in one of the following ways:

  • Email an Ambassador through the email address on their profile
  • Follow us on Instagram @uazpublichealth
  • If you are interested in having a panel of public health graduate student Ambassadors speak in your class, student club, or organization, please contact us at

Chidera Ejike

MPH in Epidemiology, Tucson Campus

I chose MEZCOPH because of the holistic and wide approach of my program of interest which will provide me with strong and vast knowledge in Epidemiology and disease prevention. Moreover, the diverse nature of the student population in the MPH program interests me and is essential for my broad learning experience, coupled with the fact that Tucson is a great place to study as it is known for its affordable cost of living, great weather, and serenity.

Brianne Cartagena

Main Campus Tucson Epidemiology

Go at your own pace. Everyone has a different experience within MEZCOPH and the completion of their program, do not feel behind based off where other colleagues are in comparison to you. Read the MPH listserv emails that are sent out each week!! There are so many research, job and field work experience provided in these that all you need to do is sign up or apply for! Do not forget to take time for yourself to decompress and do things you enjoy outside your program, to help not get burnt out. Talk with your cohort during orientation and within your classes in your first year! These are the people you will see in many of your classes throughout the completion of your program!

Katherine Coleman

MPH Epidemiology, Main Campus-Tucson

Don't be afraid to reach out when you need help. Faculty are happy to help guide you when they can and are great resources.

Meccah Jarrah

MPH in Epidemiology, Tucson Campus

I chose public health because I want to not only make a difference in people's lives, but take what I learned/have learned and bring those skills with me on a global scale, to assist countries that potentially do not have the proper resources or tools to increase the quality of life of their residents.

Nick Marcell

MPH, Health Services Administration (Tucson Campus)

Graduate school is a new chapter of your life and there will be ups and down, but embrace the change that happens! If you want to try a new way of doing something or living life, try it -- you never know what might come from it!

Fernanda Palafox

MPH- Family and Child Health, Tucson, AZ

Take the risk! Sometimes, it is the best thing that could happen to you.

Lazaro Ruiz

Online MPH in Applied Epidemiology

I appreciate MEZCOPH for its commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion. Despite being an online student, I still feel deeply connected to both my fellow students and the faculty. Additionally, I value MEZCOPH's active engagement within communities and the positive contributions it makes to community members.

Allison Sarko

MPH in Epidemiology, Tucson Campus

I chose public health to find out more about various health issues/diseases that affect communities, so that I can help improve the health of an entire community by increasing their knowledge about health issues/diseases and their accessibility to resources.

Sage Vu

MPH in Epidemiology / MS in Innovations in Aging

My tip for future students is to embrace every opportunity that comes your way and actively participate in all that your journey has to offer! Whether it's joining clubs, participating in research, or volunteering for causes you're passionate about, each opportunity will contribute to your growth and learning.

Kaityn Wolfe

MPH in Epidemiology, Tucson Campus

I chose MEZCOPH because of the supportive faculty and the collaborative environment that has helped me learn and grow as a professional and as a person.

Caleigh Curley

DrPH, Public Health Policy and Management (Tucson Campus)

"MEZCOPH has challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and has opened many doors for me to change, grow, and transform into the public health professional I strive to be."

Alejandra Hernandez

MPH Health Behavior Health Promotion(Tucson Campus)

I really like that public health is a very versatile field and also ever since I was younger I had a passion for this area.

James Hollister

PhD, Biostatistics (Tucson Campus)

"My favorite MEZCOPH quality is the relationship between the faculty and the students. I've had the pleasure of working with many professors on projects, and they have always been so willing to teach and support me through every step of the process."

Katie Herder

Katie Herder

PhD, Biostatistics (Tucson Campus)

"Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, MEZCOPH has provided a community in which I’ve felt supported and able to thrive. The faculty and staff are passionate, approachable, and seem to really care about their students. Through MEZCOPH, I’ve been connected to so many interesting people and opportunities I hadn't expected. It is a terrific network to be apart of!"

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