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Why Study Environmental Health Sciences at UA?

College of public health students studying Environmental Health Science in a lab

The University of Arizona Environmental Health Sciences program provides unique training and research opportunities with highly interdisciplinary faculty in a prime location. Our program is highly collaborative with very accessible faculty not just in public health but across the University. Our laboratory courses provide hands-on activities and experiences for our students, and all graduate students in our programs receive field experience while leading their internship and research project. Tucson is a vibrant multicultural city 60 miles (100 km) from the US-Mexico border with diverse cultural and recreational opportunities.

Other reasons to consider studying Environmental Health Sciences at the UA

Leadership in Environmental Research

  • The UA is the #1 university in the US and #2 in the world for environmental science research
  • At the center of that reputation is the Institute for the Environment which fosters and facilitates cross-campus, community, state, national, and worldwide collaborations that resolve environmental challenges. This institute houses more than 300 affiliated faculty, internationally recognized for their environmental research and reflects the UA’s commitment to interdisciplinary study.
  • The UA also has a portal for all environmental and sustainability research and efforts on campus.

Service learning courses

  • Students have the opportunity to engage with domestic and international communities through our 6 service learning courses. Students in these courses have hands-on experiences with a variety of complex public health issues.
  • The Institute for Mineral Resources and the Mining Safety and Health Resource Center provide unique opportunities for research and study.

Diverse student body and faculty

  • The University of Arizona Graduate College is highly committed to recruiting and retaining a talented and diverse student body. Of particular relevance to higher education is the understanding that diversity of ideas, perspectives and approaches is critical to the advancement of knowledge.
  • UA students from underrepresented backgrounds comprise 33% of the graduate student body, a much higher representation than any other Research I, AAU-member university in the country.

Opportunities for Peace Corps returnees and veterans

  • The UA is also one of the top institutions for Peace Corps Fellows
  • The UA VETS program has quickly become a national model for student veteran services on a college campus.

The UA is located in Tucson, Arizona

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