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Education Pathways and Opportunities

The MPH (master of public health) is an applied degree that is interdisciplinary in nature with a variety of concentrations. The Environmental and Occupational Health focus area, has two tracks: IH (industrial hygiene) designed to protect workers and address industry needs for workplace exposure control; and environmental and occupational health (EOH) addressing community needs, broader aspects of occupational health, and medical applications. The program trains practitioners in applied skills to meet specific needs of employers and agencies, and culminates in an internship project.

The MS (master of science in Environmental Health Sciences) uses some of the same course work; however, the MS is designed for individuals who seek training environmental health research. The MS is tailor made to fit the interests and career goals of the student. Students are trained to think about complex problems with a goal of investigating multiple aspects with the incorporation of theoretical information and more research depth. Graduates may take jobs in academics, industry or agencies and work with significant independence. Students complete a master’s thesis designed to test hypotheses. Results should be publishable. This degree is a great precursor to a PhD program.

The PhD in Environmental Health Science is designed to promote critical thinking on topics relevant to Environmental Health Sciences. Graduates usually seek academic careers of research and leadership roles in agencies, industry or corporations. PhD students are expected to pursue topics (whether in class, research, or as part of a job) to greater practical and theoretical depth. Students should enter a PhD program with a clear career goal and a clear idea regarding the specific area they wish to research at the time they enter the program.

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) with a Major in Public Health provides in-depth education in public health at the undergraduate level. An accelerated undergraduate and master's program (BS-MPH) is also available.

There are many paths to research in Environmental Health Sciences. People may come with a basic science background in virtually any field. Engineers, medical professionals, lawyers, and biologists may focus their careers using this route.

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